Health care spectrum

  • Comprehensive general health advice regarding travel
    Especially seniors and children need special advice.
  • Up-to-date information and administration of vaccinations
    Permanent actualized information received via internet, WHO and StIko-recommendations (Permanent Vaccination Commission at the Robert-Koch-Institute Berlin). Authorisation for all vaccinations.
  • Prophylaxis for malaria and other infections
    Advice on Malaria exposition- and medical prophylaxis can only take place individually.
  • Information on traveling in tropical regions
    In tropical regions different rules of behaviour are required than in Europe or in the U.S.
  • Compilation of individual travel medical kits
    A small set of adjuvants from the pharmacy should always be within reach, especially if you stay at inaccessible territory.
  • Specific travel advice in cases of: chronic illness, pregnancy or travel with children
    For persons with chronic diseases it's absolutely essential to take their medicine with them in their hand luggage.
    An English declaration should be taken with you, in case security requests on that. In pregnancy or traveling with children the destination should be selected very carefully.
    For example malaria endangered regions should be avoided because of the labour inducing fever.
  • Tropics and diving suitability prior to travel
    Certain illnesses can be contra indicated for traveling.
  • G35: A regulation concerning working-stays abroad under exceptional climatic conditions with health risks
    This examination is necessary for employees sent to tropic or arctic regions.